Balean un auto en Miami dejando una persona muerta

Un tiroteo mortal desde un vehículo en marcha en el noreste de Miami-Dade dejó un conductor muerto y su pasajero adolescente hospitalizado como alerta de trauma.

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“Destination Cuba” Is Promoted in Uruguay

MADRID, Spain. – Cuban authorities participated on May 20th in the 67th Reunion of the Regional Commission of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, by its English acronym) held in Punta del Este, Uruguay. During the meeting, the Cuban delegation said it was certain that tourism had revived in the island following the impact of COVID-19.
According to the Cubaminrex website, Juan José Álvarez, legal director of Cuba’s Ministry of Tourism, and the Cuban ambassador to Uruguay, Zulan Popa, stated that the country’s visitor growth dynamic remains steady, adding that Cuba is projecting to welcome more than half the number of tourists in 2022 than it welcomed in 2019.
In the presence of Zurab Pololikashvili, Secretary General of the World Tourism Organization, the Cuban officials mentioned that in March 2020, the Cuban government had implemented a preventive measures program to address the present pandemic, and that included protecting visitors.
They mentioned, also, the protection of Human capital, and the implementation of constructive actions in tourism facilities to elevate and maintain comfort standards.
Government insists on presenting Cuba as an ideal destination
Ever since in late 2021, Juan Carlos García Granda, Cuba’s Minister of Tourism, stated that for 2022, no less than 2.5 million tourists would be welcomed to Cuba, Cuban authorities have continued to present Cuba as a tourist destination in various international events.
Last February, after participating in the International Tourism Fair of Madrid (FITUR), the Cuban regime tried to promote “destination Cuba” in Turkey during the 25th Annual International Eastern Mediterranean Tourism and Travel Fair EMITT 2022.
At that fair, Cuban officials presented “their portfolio of ‘Cuba destination’ products, as well as the strengths of sun and beach, and Nature and health destinations.”
In April, a Cuban delegation participated in the International Tourism Exchange Fair (BIT) in Milan, with the goal of promoting Cuba as a tourist destination.
Other government strategies to revive tourism
Recently, Cuba organized the International Tourism Fair FITCuba 2022. Held at the Varadero resort, an agreement was signed during the event to promote health tourism in the island.
In another strategy aimed at reaching the 2.5 million tourist projections for 2022, the Cuban regime staged the event “For a Tourism for Every Generation” during which specific actions were discussed regarding the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism.
Also, Empresas Marinas y Náuticas S.A. and Havanatur revealed their nautical events programs for 2022, “as part of the present revival of the leisure industry in the country.”
This is all happening amidst the great economic crisis in the country that affects the average Cuban, and contrasts with the ongoing construction of new hotels.
Recibe la información de CubaNet en tu celular a través de WhatsApp. Envíanos un mensaje con la palabra “CUBA” al teléfono +1 (786) 316-2072, también puedes suscribirte a nuestro boletín electrónico dando click aquí.

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Falleció Conrado Martínez Corona

Cubadebate ha conocido del fallecimiento en La Habana del destacado revolucionario Conrado Martínez Corona, quien ocupó importantes responsabilidades políticas y gubernamentales.Martínez Corona nació el 18 de febrero de 1949 en la provincia de Holguín y desde su etapa estudiantil ocupó varias responsabilidades hasta ingresar a la Unión de Jóvenes Comunistas (UJC), organización en la que fue miembro de su buró nacional como segundo secretario.
Se desempeñó posteriormente como presidente del Inder donde realizó una destacada labor, potenciando el desarrollo del movimiento deportivo cubano y siendo parte de importantes logros en esa etapa.
Entre esos aparece la destacada actuación de la delegación cubana en los Juegos Panamericanos de Indianápolis 1987 y en los Juegos Olímpicos de Barcelona 1992, donde se ocupó una quinta posición que sigue siendo la mejor actuación cubana en estas lides.
También desplegó un importante papel en la organización de los Juegos Panamericanos de La Habana 1991, en que los deportistas cubanos conquistaron por primera y única vez la cima del medallero en estas lides continentales.
A partir de 1995 asumió como presidente de la Asamblea Provincial del Poder Popular en La Habana, cargo que ocupó hasta el año 2002.
En 1991 había sido elegido miembro del Comité Central del PCC y siete años más tarde del Consejo de Estado. Ejerció como diputado a la Asamblea Nacional desde 1993.
En el año 2002 fue designado para dirigir el Buró de Convenciones de Cuba, otro cargo que cumplió con la seriedad y entrega que siempre le caracterizaron.
Llegue a sus familiares y amigos nuestras condolencias.

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Brazilian man allegedly gassed to death in police car boot

SharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, Getty ImagesThe death of a black man who was forced into a police car boot where a gas grenade was set off has sparked outrage in Brazil.Police stopped Genivaldo de Jesus Santos, 38, in the street in the north-eastern city of Umbaúba, Sergipe state, on Wednesday.Video footage showed two officers holding down the boot the man was in as thick smoke billowed from the car.An autopsy report on Thursday confirmed Mr Santos died of asphyxiation.Brazil’s federal highway police said a disciplinary proceeding has been opened to investigate the officers’ conduct. An investigation has also been opened by the federal police into the circumstances of Mr Santos’ death.There are conflicting reports of the incident.A police statement said that Mr Santos had been arrested because he had “actively resisted” the police’s approach, and that because of his “aggressiveness… immobilization techniques and instruments of less offensive potential” were used to restrain him.But Mr Santos’ nephew, Wallison de Jesus, told local media he had been at the scene, and his uncle had been riding a motorcycle when federal highway police officers stopped him and asked him to lift his shirt.He said his uncle took prescription medication for schizophrenia, and got nervous when the officers found the medication.He claimed that he had warned the police about his uncle’s condition, and “then the torture began”. He said the officers pinned him to the ground and bundled him into the vehicle’s boot.Don’t kill me, kill racism, black Brazilians pleadRio police accused of executing suspects in raidThe video footage, widely circulated online, shows Mr Santos’ legs dangling from the car, with the rest of his body inside. As he kicks and screams, two officers are seen pushing down on the boot door, while a gas grenade appears to be released inside.”They’re going to kill the guy,” a bystander can be heard saying as Santos’s legs stop moving.His nephew said the officers left for the police station, and took him to the hospital when they realised he was unconscious. A police statement said Mr Santos was pronounced dead at the hospital.An autopsy by the state forensic medical institute said he had died of asphyxia but that it could not determine what had caused it.But Mr Santos’ widow, Maria Fabiana dos Santos, described the incident as “a crime” and told local newspaper G1 that her husband had never been violent.The incident has led to widespread condemnation across Brazil, with many criticising the police’s alleged actions as an act of racism. The incident happened on the two-year anniversary of the killing of George Floyd, a black man, by police in the United States.Renata Souza, a black activist and politician, tweeted: “Another black body executed by the hands of the State. It is unacceptable.”A protest was also staged before Mr Santos’ funeral in Umbaúba on Thursday, G1 reports, where tyres were set on fire on the road where he was killed.Police violence is not uncommon in Brazil. Earlier this week, more than 20 people died in a police raid in a Rio de Janeiro slum. Police have since faced accusations of using excessive force against the deceased, which one human rights lawyer claimed amounted to torture.You may also be interested in:This video can not be playedTo play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.More on this storyRio police accused of executing suspects in raidRio de Janeiro drugs raid shootout leaves 25 deadDon’t kill me, kill racism, black Brazilians plead

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Cuban president laments tragedy at Texas school

HAVANA, Cuba, May 26 (ACN) Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel lamented today the tragedy caused by a shooting at an elementary school in Texas, United States, and offered his condolences to the American people.In a message on his official Twitter account, the president said that teenagers and weapons would only combine to take lives and destroy families.On Tuesday, a shooting at Robb Elementary School in the city of Uvalde, Texas, left 21 people died, including 19 children.Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla, Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, also sent his condolences to the families and friends of the deceased and to the American people in general.According to the independent organization Gun Violence Archive, more than 200 mass shootings have been recorded in the United States so far this year. In 2021, more than 1,500 children under 18 died in homicides or accidental shootings.

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Llaman a propietarios de riquimbilis a completar el proceso de legalización de estos medios

El primero de agosto vence el plazo de tramitación para legalizar dichos vehículos. De los 7 000 equipos inscritos inicialmente, solo 2 362 han realizado la inspección técnica
Desde septiembre del 2021 a la fecha solo se han realizado 2 362 inspecciones técnicas de los 7 000 equipos declarados inicialmente en la provincia. (Foto: TransportEspirituano)


El proceso de homologación de equipos armados por partes y piezas muestra cierto atraso en Sancti Spíritus por lo que se solicita a los propietarios de estos medios que hasta el momento no se hayan presentado a realizar la inspección técnica de los mismos que acudan de inmediato a la Planta de Revisión radicada en Sancti Spíritus, aun cuando estos no estén en óptimas condiciones técnicas.

Así lo declaró a Escambray Orestes Bacallao Medina, presidente de la Comisión de Homologación Provincial, y añadió que el plazo para este trámite expira el primero de agosto de este año, según consta en la Resolución No. 200 del Ministerio del Transporte, la cual indica, además, que la aprobación final del proceso, que por única vez se desarrolla en el país, vence en el mes de diciembre.

Ante la urgencia de que los propietarios de riquimbilis acudan a realizarles la correspondiente revisión, Bacallao Medina explicó que desde que se inició el proceso en la provincia se han censado alrededor de 7 000 vehículos armados por partes y piezas de diferentes tipologías, pero a partir de septiembre del 2021, hasta la fecha solo se han realizado 2 362 inspecciones técnicas, en las cuales se decretaron aptos 1 896 medios.

Asimismo, dijo que, como establece la propia resolución, los vehículos deben pasar por una comisión provincial integrada por el Ministerio del Interior y el de Transporte antes de elevar las propuestas a la comisión nacional, pero hasta ahora solo se han presentado unos 1 530 vehículos.

La fuente explicó que aquellos propietarios cuyas motos no poseían guardacadena cuando realizaron la revisión técnica tienen que presentarse nuevamente ante la comisión. En tanto, dijo que en el caso de los riquimbilis que aún no están aptos para circular pueden ser presentados ante esta comisión para obtener el número del expediente y en los seis meses posteriores deben concluir el resto del proceso de legalización.

Los dueños de los riquimbilis que ya fueron notificados como aprobados por parte de la Comisión Nacional de Homologación deben esperar por la publicación del cronograma en el sitio web TransportEspirituano, donde aparecerán las fechas establecidas para formalizar su inscripción en el Registro de Vehículos.

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