Conversando con el Presidente del Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos

El Presidente del Instituto Nacional de Recursos Hidráulicos Antonio Rodríguez Rodríguez comparecerá este martes en la Mesa Redonda para conversar sobre la situación del abastecimiento de agua en el país, las labores de reparación, mantenimiento e inversiones que se ejecutan, el estado actual de...

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Testimonies About the Torture Practiced in Cuban Prisons are Presented in Mexico

For the organizations it is “very valuable that this dialogue has been carried out” with the Committee against Torture, and that the UN has “placed emphasis” specifically on the July 11 protests. (14ymedio)
14ymedio, Madrid, 18 May 2022 — On Wednesday, in Mexico City, fifteen civil organizations presented new testimonies proving that torture is practiced in Cuba, in addition to recounting other human rights violations on the island, such as arbitrary arrests and the forced labor of the so-called medical ’missions’ .  
The group, made up of Civil Rights Defenders, Cubalex, Article 19, Justicia 11J, Prisoners Defenders and ten other NGOs, detailed some of the systematic punishments in Cuban prisons.
One of them is being handcuffed with one’s arms raised, as documented by the Cubalex legal organization with a source in several of the prisoners themselves and announced on their social networks.
“This form of torture consists of handcuffing the inmate on one arm and the attaching the handcuff to a high place, so that the limb is suspended and in a position in which the person cannot sit down,” explains Cubalex, a position in which “the prisoner is left for prolonged periods of time that can even reach 24 hours or more.”
One of the prisoners cited by Cubalex is Alexis Sabatela, a collaborator with the Cuban Human Rights Observatory, who claims to have been handcuffed to bars in the Kilo 7 and Kilo 9 prisons in Camagüey, where “it was common to hang prisoners with their arms high, whether open or closed.”
Another testimony collected is that of Félix Navarro about the Canaleta prison, in Ciego de Ávila, where he was imprisoned for several years after being arrested in the so-called Black Spring of 2003. There, the opponent had denounced, it was common to hang inmates a whole night and, in winter, every so often throw buckets of water at them.
In the maximum security prison of Agüica, Matanzas, where Navarro is now after being sentenced to nine years for the demonstrations on July 11, the government opponent José Díaz Silva, leader of the Opposition Movement for a New Republic; detained since July 3 March, he was also handcuffed to the ceiling for several hours, reports Cubalex.
Ángel Yunier Remón, who suffers from osteoarthritis as a result of the torture he was subjected to with handcuffs, told this NGO that when he suffered this punishment, “you feel pain, your hand cramps, you don’t feel it. It turns black, cold. You can’t even move your shoulder. It immobilizes you.”
The rapper Maykel Castillo Osorbo, in prison without trial since last year, has said that he was also handcuffed, “but in a different way.” In his case, “they made him put his hands and feet through the bars and stand in that position with his limbs handcuffed.” They could leave him like this for up to three days, “causing him a very strong pain in the torso and shoulders.”
The organizations gathered this Wednesday at a press conference celebrated that the United Nations Committee Against Torture (CAT), after reviewing the situation in Cuba between April 21 and 29 in Geneva (Switzerland) , has asked the regime for “precise information” on the matter.
Specifically, the UN demands that the Cuban State respond, no later than May 13, 2023, regarding “an independent inspection of places of detention, the situation of human rights defenders, journalists, activists and artists in the Island and the investigation and sanction of the events of July 11, 2021.”
For Darcy Borrero, a member of the Justice 11J group, which has followed up on the demonstrators arrested after the protests that day, it is “very valuable that this dialogue has been carried out” with the Committee against Torture, and that it has placed the “emphasis” precisely on the protests of that day, as well as on the appropriate sanction for the agents who subjected the demonstrators to punishment, arrests and interrogations.
Borrero also describes as key the attention of the UN to the case of the murder of Diubis Laurencio, in La Güinera, shot in the back by a policeman on July 12.
In its most recent report on the Island, and among other considerations, the CAT regrets that a national human rights institution has not yet been created in Cuba, that there is no independence of the judiciary, nor is the independent exercise of the legal profession guaranteed, nor are there guarantees so that military courts do not try civilians. On the Island, in short, the “fundamental safeguards against torture of all detained persons” are not guaranteed.
In his speech on May 11 in Geneva, and after reviewing the complaints and testimonies collected by different civil organizations, the vice president of the UN Committee against Torture, Sébastien Touzé, asserted that the Cuban State has taken measures “manifestly contrary to to the Convention against Torture.”
Touzé also said that the “high number of arrests,” especially after “the events of July 2021” offers “an alarming vision.”
The interventions of the Cuban Government before the sessions, on April 21 and 29, were of little use; according to a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they presented “the broad and solid system of laws, rules, regulations and policies that guarantee in Cuba the integral protection of the person, in accordance with the provisions of the Convention,” as well as “the actions conceived and applied to prevent acts of torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment from occurring in the national territory, frequent before 1959 and radically eliminated and prohibited by the Cuban Revolution.”
Before the beginning of this session of the Committee Against Torture, last April, the same group that presented testimonies from prisoners this Wednesday in Mexico warned of worrying issues in current Cuban laws and in those that are about to be approved.
Similarly, the Madrid-based NGO Prisoners Defenders also presented a report to the Committee in which it identified up to “15 patterns” of mistreatment and torture of prisoners on the island, including deprivation of medical care, forced labor outside the the criminal conviction, solitary confinement as punishment, physical assaults and deprivation of water or food, sleep, and of communication with lawyers and relatives. The conclusion of that document was forceful: the use of torture is systematic against the political prisoners of Cuba.
COLLABORATE WITH OUR WORK: The 14ymedio team is committed to practicing serious journalism that reflects Cuba’s reality in all its depth. Thank you for joining us on this long journey. We invite you to continue supporting us by becoming a member of 14ymedio now. Together we can continue transforming journalism in Cuba.

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Cubadisco 2022 dio a conocer sus ganadores

El fonograma Será que se Acabó, de Alexander Abreu y Habana D’Primera, se alzó con el Gran Premio de la XXV Feria Internacional Cubadisco 2022, evento que dio a conocer los galardonados de esta edición.
Bajo el sello Producciones Abdala, este álbum que rinde homenaje a la música de todos los tiempos, también recibió los galardones en las categorías Diseño de Sonido y Música Bailable.
Según publicó la Agencia Cubana de Noticias (ACN), otra artista que recibió más de un premio por su CD Maradentro, fue Telmary , quien ganó en las categorías Alternativa y Diseño Gráfico.
El jurado de Cubadisco además entregó seis Premios Especiales a las placas 70 y más Maravilla, de Maravilla de Florida; Salam Malekun.Homenaje a Sergio Vitier, perteneciente a varios intérpretes; Animal de Galaxia, de Héctor Quintana e invitados; Como te siento yo. Homenaje a Pacho Alonso de varios intérpretes; Sigue Cantando Celina, de varios intérpretes y María Teresa Linares. Textos para la escucha, también de varios intérpretes.
Asimismo, se reconoció con un Premio de Honor Extraordinario a los norteamericanos Harry Belafonte, Barbara Dane y Estela Bravo.
Mientras, el Premio Extraordinario fue para Ciro Benemelis. A propósito del aniversario 25 de Cubadisco y del disco Cantos del Alma; Moncada en sus 50 años y por su disco El fantástico país de tío conejo y Al Movimiento de la Nueva Trova por su 50 aniversario.
México te canta desde Cuba. El concierto de Rosalía León; Notas de viaje. Homenaje a Carlos Cano, de la española Pilar Boyero, y Encuentro a Tribute to Cuban Jazz, de la belga Mari Bell, se alzaron con los Premios Internacionales del Cubadisco 2022.
En esta misma categoría también fueron reconocidos Absinthe, de Dominic Miller; Hommage a Franco Luambo, de Ray Lema, y Elusive Beauty, de Sebastian Schunke y Diego Pinera.
Además, se distinguió con el Premio de Honor a los artistas Guille Vilar, Paulo Fg, Enrique Álvarez y Elito Revé.
De igual manera se le entregó un reconocimiento a Colección Obra Completa de Alí Primera y a la Radio Cubana en su Centenario.
La Rosa de Jericó, de Ivette Cepeda; Ser, de Dayron Ortiz; Pa’ Mi Tres, de Yarima Blanco; Feudalismo Moderno, de David Blanco, y Proceso, de Virginia Guantanamera, fueron otras de las placas galardonadas en este certamen.
En los restantes apartados se premió el trabajo de artistas como Liuba María Hevia, Amaury Pérez, Buena Fe, Kelvis Ochoa, Enid Rosales, Vocal Sampling, David Álvarez y Juego de Manos, Rumbatá, Rodrigo Sosa, Alejandro Meroño, José Aquiles, Adrián Estevéz, Dj Artfun, Yestacony e Issac Delgado. 

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Día Mundial del Médico de Familia: Ellos también son nuestros héroes

Médicos de la Familia. Foto: ArchivoEl ministro de Salud Pública, José Ángel Portal Miranda, felicitó hoy a los médicos de familia cubanos, guardianes de la salud y de la vida, “quienes a diario honran con su labor los sueños de nuestro salubrista mayor, el Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro”.
El Programa del Médico y la Enfermera de la Familia se ha convertido en esencia misma de nuestro Sistema Nacional de Salud, expresó el ministro y señaló que “la entrega de los profesionales que en él laboran ha dejado huellas profundas en cada rincón de Cuba y también en muchas partes del mundo”.
Desde sus perfiles en redes sociales, Portal Miranda afirmó que “miles de historias se han escrito desde el compromiso y la sensibilidad con que llegan nuestros médicos de la familia a los hogares, y aunque toda obra es siempre perfectible, son mujeres y hombres que no escatiman tiempo ni esfuerzos para resguardar la vida”.
A propósito del Día Mundial del Médico de Familia, Portal Miranda extendió el reconocimiento desde el Ministerio de Salud Pública de Cuba, de manera especial a quienes han trabajado sin descanso en el enfrentamiento a la COVID-19, y cuya labor ha sido imprescindible.
“Sin ellos habría resultado imposible asumir y enfrentar los innumerables retos que ha significado en los barrios la epidemia: ellos son también nuestros héroes”, dijo.

Nuestra felicitación y reconocimiento a los médicos de familia cubanos, guardianes de la #salud y de la vida, quienes a diario honran con su labor los sueños de nuestro salubrista mayor, el Comandante en Jefe #Fidel. #CubaPorLaVida 🇨🇺 pic.twitter.com/SNQtHVqnE4
— José Angel Portal Miranda (@japortalmiranda) May 19, 2022

Vea además:
Programa del Médico y Enfermera de la Familia: 38 años salvaguardando la salud (+ Video)

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