Cuba decreta duelo por muerte del presidente de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos

El presidente de Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel, decretó este lunes duelo oficial por la muerte del mandatario de los Emiratos Árabes Unidos (EAU), Jalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, fallecido a los 73 años el pasado 13 de mayo.

Durante el duelo, que tendrá vigor desde las 06:00 horas hasta las 12:00 de la noche de este 17 de mayo, la bandera cubana deberá izarse a media asta en los edificios públicos e instituciones militares, precisó el comunicado divulgado por medios oficiales de la Isla.

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Texas migrant deaths: Mexico blames poverty and US border crisis

Published23 minutes agoSharecloseShare pageCopy linkAbout sharingImage source, Getty Images”Poverty and desperation” led to the deaths of at least 50 migrants abandoned in a Texas lorry, Mexico’s president has said.Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador blamed trafficking and “a lack of control” at the border – the worst case of migrant deaths due to smuggling in the US.Nearly two dozen Mexicans, seven Guatemalans and two Hondurans were among the dead.Those found alive, including four children, were taken to hospital.The survivors were “hot to the touch” and suffering from heat stroke and heat exhaustion.Authorities are working to confirm the nationalities of remaining victims.Speaking at his daily briefing, Mr Lopez Obrador, popularly known as Amlo, called the discovery a “tremendous tragedy”, and said Mexico would work to repatriate the remains of its citizens.This and other migrant deaths were due to the “poverty and desperation of our Central American brothers, and of Mexicans,” he said, adding: “It happens because there is trafficking of people and a lack of control, in this case at the Mexican-US border, but also in the US interior”.The White House called the truck deaths “horrific and heart-breaking”.The migrants were found on the outskirts of the city of San Antonio, which is 250km (155 miles) from the US-Mexico border, is a major transit route for people smugglers.Human traffickers often use trucks to transport undocumented migrants after meeting them in remote areas once they have managed to cross into the United States.”They had families… and were likely trying to find a better life,” San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg said. “It’s nothing short of a horrific, human tragedy.”Officials said a city worker had discovered the scene after hearing cries for help.Emergency responders initially arrived at the scene at about 18:00 local time (23:00 GMT), San Antonio fire chief Charles Hood told reporters. “We’re not supposed to open up a truck and see stacks of bodies in there. None of us come to work imagining that,” he said.He added that the vehicle, which had been abandoned by its driver, had no working air conditioning and there was no drinking water inside it. San Antonio’s climate is blisteringly hot in the summer months, with temperatures there reaching 39.4C (103F) on Monday, and it is suspected that the victims likely died from heat exhaustion and dehydration.Three people are being held in custody and the investigation has been handed over to federal agents. Foreign Minister Ebrard confirmed Tuesday that Mexico has joined the probe.The country’s consulate in San Antonio has said it will provide “all the support” needed, dispatching Consul General Rubén Minutti to the scene.Edward Reyna, a security guard at a lumber yard just metres away, said he was not surprised to arrive for his night shift and hear the news. He said he had lost count of the times he had seen migrants jumping off the train that passes right next to where the truck was found.”I thought sooner or later, somebody was going to get hurt,” Mr Reyna said. “The cartels that bring them over don’t care about them.”This story has played out in Texas many times, but not to this magnitude. In 2017, 10 immigrants were found dead inside a similar tractor trailer outside a San Antonio Walmart – also on the city’s south side. In 2003, 17 were found dead in a hot car in Victoria, another south Texas town.San Antonio’s far south side is a corridor with two main roads connecting the city to Texas border towns.Mostly rural communities, a few junkyards and a handful of developing neighbourhoods in this part of San Antonio make it easy for a truck this size to go unnoticed – until it doesn’t.US Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, whose department has taken over the investigation, said: “Human smugglers are callous individuals who have no regard for the vulnerable people they exploit and endanger in order to make a profit.”Immigration is a contentious political issue in the US, where in May a record 239,000 undocumented migrants were detained crossing into the country from Mexico – many travelling along extremely risky and unsafe routes.Migrant surge at US border “unprecedented” US-Mexico border migrant detention levels reach 21-year highRecord numbers of young Guatemalans migrate north, leaving families in limboAt least 650 migrants crossing the border died last year, according to the United Nations’ International Organisation for Migration.US law enforcement officials are on track to exceed the record 1.73 million border arrests made in 2021, with large numbers of people continuing to cross from Central American countries such as Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador. Fleeing poverty and violence in Central America, many of the undocumented migrants end up paying huge sums of cash to people smugglers to get them across the US border.Over recent years, there have been many similar examples of migrants perishing during their journey, but no single event as deadly as what was discovered on Monday.This video can not be playedTo play this video you need to enable JavaScript in your browser.More on this storyNine dead in Texas truck tragedy24 July 2017

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Cuba reported 17 new COVID-19, 28 discharges and no deaths

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 28 (ACN) Cuba studied a total of 1,470 samples for surveillance, 17 of which were positive. The country accumulates 13,957,979 samples taken and 1,105,967 positive.At the end of June 27, a total of 279 patients had been admitted, 158 suspected and 121 confirmed active.Of the total number of cases, 13 were contacts of confirmed cases, 2 with source of infection abroad and 2 with no source of infection specified. There were 28 medical discharges, accumulating 1,097,258 (99.2%) and there were no deaths. There were no confirmed severe or critical cases admitted to the country’s ICUs.No asymptomatic cases have been diagnosed (0.0%), totaling 147,051 cases, representing 13.3% of those confirmed to date, and the diagnosed cases belong to the following age groups: under 20 years of age (10), 20 to 39 (5), 40 to 59 (0), and over 60 (2).

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Madres cubanas y sus 11 hijos se acuartelan en una imprenta abandonada

Unas diez madres cubanas junto a sus 11 hijos se apropiaron de una imprenta abandonada en Centro Habana y permanecen cercadas allí por el Departamento Técnico de Investigaciones (DTI) y bajo amenaza de desalojo.“Entramos aquí porque nuestras casas están en peligro de derrumbe o no tenemos. Apenas nos metimos, vino gente del DTI a decir que debíamos salir, sin escucharnos ni nada”, declaró una de las madres a Diario de Cuba. 

Las madres dijeron que no desean convertir su reclamo en una causa política, sino ser escuchadas y, si es posible, que le den a cada una un pedazo del local abandonado para tener un hogar y criar a sus hijos.

“Es lo único que deseamos, pero aquí no ha venido nadie del Gobierno a conversar con nosotras”, señaló otra de las madres, quien pidió mantenerse en el anonimato.

El fenómeno de la ocupación ilegal de viviendas se ha hecho común en Cuba debido al mal estado del fondo habitacional y al déficit de construcción de viviendas.

Según estadísticas oficiales, el 39% de las edificaciones de la Isla están clasificadas en estado constructivo malo o regular, y existe un déficit de casi un millón de inmuebles.

El régimen ha admitido que la vivienda es un problema no resuelto por la “revolución”. Un reportaje publicado en 2019 en el portal oficialista Cubadebate reconoció que en el país existe un déficit habitacional ascendente a más de 1,3 millones de hogares.

Las viviendas terminadas en 2021 representan un 58% de cumplimiento del plan previsto, y un 39% de las casas terminadas en 2020, cuando se otorgaron cerca de 48 000 viviendas, según cifras oficiales.

La cubana Yohisis Águila fue sacada a la fuerza por la Policía y el Gobierno de un consultorio médico vacío que había ocupado con sus tres hijos el 16 de junio, en el municipio Cruces, Cienfuegos.

“Tomé la decisión de entrar en un consultorio por no tener dónde vivir con mis niños, que están enfermos. Hoy me quieren desalojar e imponerme una multa de 5000 pesos. Pido el apoyo de todas las personas y hacer esto viral”, declaró la joven en Facebook.

La joven hizo una directa en el momento en que los oficiales llegaban hasta el local y la desalojaban. Durante la transmisión, reclama por la promesa que hiciera el presidente Miguel Díaz-Canel de ayudar a las madres de tres hijos o más.

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