Culmina con récord de participación Conferencia Bienal sobre enseñanza del inglés

La Habana, 12 nov (ACN) Con la participación de unos tres mil docentes del Ministerio de Educación (MINED), culminó este jueves la Conferencia Bienal Inglés para el Desarrollo, espacio de reflexión, interacción y aprendizaje sobre el proceso de enseñanza del idioma.

Informa el MINED en su sitio web que el 60 por ciento (%) de los profesionales participantes representaban a los niveles educativos Primaria y Secundaria Básica, mientras que el 30 % eran de educación media superior, y el 10 %, metodólogos y directivos.

Asimismo, 90 docentes participaron en cursos específicos coordinados...

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Ovi le responde al Chulo: “Me importa un carajo”

El reguetonero avileño Ovidio Crespo, más conocido como Ovi, le respondió también con música a la “tiradera” de su colega, el músico cubano Abel Díaz, conocido como El Chulo o “El Presidente del Reparto”. Ovi le cantó “las 40” al Chulo desde las afueras de su jet privado. “Aquí somos grandes ligas mi gallo, la corona del trap una está en Humacao y la otra allá en Ciego de Ávila, dime @_eladiocarrion tenemos el punch del año, se pusieron viejos”, escribió Ovi en Instagram en el clip donde sin mencionarlo le dedica un fragmento al Chulo.
El avileño refiere que le importa “un carajo lo que digan” porque él sigue haciendo dinero y dando palos de grandes ligas. “Esa movie que tú dices que tú vives, dime quién carajo te va a creer. El único cubano en avión privado y dos Rolex en la mano después de Fidel. Y si no te gusta. No me importa un carajo”, añadía en la letra del tema.
Tras esta publicación El Chulo dio por terminado su conflicto en redes sociales desde su perfil de Instagram. El reguetonero cubano dijo que a pesar de su valentía estaba claro que sus colegas del género apoyarían a Ovi en el conflicto, pero él siguió fiel a sus principios.
“Ovidio te barrí por “respeto” sin coj… me tiene lo que piense el público porque nosotros los CUBANOS somos así mañana grabo con Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee y Anuel y te van a decir a ti que no llegas a mi nivel”, empezó diciendo el Chulo.
“Para cerrar qué envidia te voy a tener yo a ti si yo pego mis temas yo solito sin grabar con ningún boricua, a ti lo que te duele es que todos los artistas cubanos te han buscado para sacarte provecho y se han rebajado ante ti incluso cuando nos faltaste el respeto y dijiste que los únicos que representaban a CUBA eran Gente de Zona y Yotuel”, añadió.
Finalmente, El Chulo dijo que él seguiría en su “esquina” dándole música a sus seguidores de corazón. “Fíjate si yo le sé a la música que yo sabía antes de tirarte de que todos iban a estar de tu lado y no me equivoqué, no me importó y te zumbé, sabes por qué, porque yo solo le bajo la cabeza y me humillo ante DIOS”, concluyó.
El 1.º de diciembre, el Chulo descargó en un clip su furia contra Ovi, con el tema “De Ayer Pa Antier”. En el tema el reguetonero mencionaba directamente a Ovi y lo calificaba de “payaso o feo”, además de que “el respeto no se compra con views ni con los likes ni con los suscriptores de YouTube”.

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An Irreverent Tour of the Temple Dedicated to the God of the Cuban Revolution

Main facade of the luxurious Fidel Castro Ruz Center, in Havana. (Fidel Castro Ruz Center)
14ymedio, Natalia López Moya, Havana, 1 December 2021 — The police have found a homeless person huddled at the corner of Paseo Avenue and 11th Street in Havana’s Vedado. “Please give me something to buy a pizza, I’m hungry,” insists the woman, speaking to the visitors of the brand new Fidel Castro Ruz Center, living testimony of the failure of the story told in the museum behind the high wall where opulence reigns and and the annoying things are left out.
“They have put in a few million here,” a young woman whispered to her companion this week, when a 14ymedio reporter walked the corridors of this temple-like place dedicated to the god of the Cuban Revolution.
The cost of the monumental work is unknown, since the head of Preservation of the Documentary Heritage of the Palace of the Revolution, Alberto Albariño, refused to answer that question in a guided visit of the international press. The official preferred to say that a good part of the investment was covered with “donations that were received from other countries,” which he did not specify either, and that for that reason it has not represented a great expense for the State.
Exuberance reigns from the very entrance, with a garden that houses more than 11,000 plants brought from all over the country, but also from outside. Among them are those that form a forest like Birán, Castro’s cradle; trees of the Sierra Maestra, where his insurrection against Batista began; and a sample of his latest eccentricities, moringa, a protein plant to which he obsessively devoted himself in his later years. In addition, there are Venezuelan trees — perhaps part of a donation from Caracas — and rocks brought from the mouths of the La Plata and Carpintero rivers shape a waterfall that falls into a small pond full of tropical fish.
In the middle of this orchard, the jeep that Castro used in the Sierra Maestra appears. “It was driven here, the difficult thing was to put it inside,” says the essential guide that accompanies visitors through the Center. “This next room is designed for the little ones. So they play didactic games while they admire Fidel’s jeep,” the guide adds, pointing to the adjoining space.
“In reality it is a museum with a name of something else, you come to know Fidel from the time he was a child until his physical loss,” the guide to the Fidel Castro Ruz Center says as soon as the tour begins. (14ymedio)
The Center, was inaugurated last Thursday in the presence of the Cuban government staff, in addition to Nicolás Maduro and Raúl Castro, and began receiving scheduled visits a day later and, although it is open to the general public and admission is free, many of the visiting groups that coincided with 14ymedio’s visit were made up of officials and members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces.
“Actually it is a museum with a name of something else, you come to know Fidel from the time he was a child until his physical loss,” says the guide as soon as they begin and after the visitors have completed the usual protocol for entering a museum, including security screening of belongings and a metal detector. In addition, one must provide an identification document from which the personal data is recorded in a book.
Televisions, interactive, touch and smart screens are distributed in each of the nine rooms that the mansion houses. (Cubadebate)
The mansion, which dates back to the last decade of the 19th century and belonged to a captain from the 1895 war, is under guard by guards in polished shoes, dark suits, and ear rings. They shadow the visitors, aided by dozens of state-of-the-art cameras.
A door from the time precedes another, apparently armored, glass sliding door that protects the air conditioning of the enclosure. The first room on the left, where the honors of the former president are displayed, is decorated replicating the original from more than a century ago. According to the guide, both the furniture and chandeliers as well as the paintings on the walls and other architectural details were restored in detail by managers of the Office of the City Historian.
Suddenly, in the nineteenth-century setting, the 21st century appears and the corridors of the house reveal phrases by Fidel Castro and José Martí in front of the visitor and an interactive painting shows a mosaic that, depending on the point of view, allows one to see the face of Martí or of Fidel. Although a worker at the Center said on television that the museum was built with Castro’s wishes in mind, this transmutation of his face into that of the Apostle contrasts with his declared intention that his image should not be worshiped.
Weapons, backpacks or binoculars used by the Maximum Leader in the Sierra Maestra dot the display, for which the creators have found, in an unusual event, a defect of Castro to expose: boots made by the same shoemaker who made the ones used by the former president in the mountains. “They are number 45 even though the commander wore 43. This is because Fidel had a problem with his right foot that forced him to wear a larger last,” explains the guide.
“At the moment and due to health protocols established by the pandemic, only the Center’s staff can interact with the touch panels,” he adds during part of the tour, “but our goal is for young people and children to make this technology their own and at the same time to take an interest in the life and work of our Commander,” he emphasizes.
The Fidel Castro Ruz Center is receiving scheduled visits and is open to the general public and admission is free. (14ymedio)
Televisions, interactive, touch and smart screens are distributed in each of the nine rooms that the mansion houses. A modern elevator with a panoramic view, but adapted to the architecture of the place, connects the two floors of the Center, and motion sensors that control the playing of multimedia content as the visitor passes complete the media display. But not all the island’s problems can be kept away: an electric shock that occurred a few days ago affected some of the screens and not all of them function normally.
The selection of the items on display has been careful and has avoided showing the setbacks and even the bad company. Going quickly through the fiascos such as those of the Revolutionary Offensive, the failure of the Ten Million Ton Harvest or the social outbreak of August 1994, the Center only shows the victorious side of Castro.
Notable in the exhibition is the absence of many of the people who once shared front pages with the leader is but who were ultimately cast aside. The passages with Carlos Lage, Roberto Robaina and Felipe Pérez Roque have been deleted or conveniently minimized.
The Center is defined as a public institution, destined to disseminate, study and investigate the thought and work of the historical leader of the Cuban Revolution, but it ends up becoming, no matter how much its creators and employees reject it, a temple dedicated to the worship of Castro.
The names of the rooms give an account of this: the Guerrilla room, to talk about the military Fidel; the Sala La Palabra [Room of the Word], to listen to the eternal speeches of the speaker Fidel; the Solidarity room, to tell about his profitable international campaigns; the Command room, which portrays places from which he directed operations; and even the amphitheater, soberly named “Fidel talks, I need you.”As a culmination, the Fidel is Fidel room, who made his brother cry last Thursday during the inauguration in his own words, in which video clips of people who speak (well) about him or, in the words of the Center, are played, testimonies “of how much he penetrated the soul of the people.”
Notable in the exhibition is the absence of many of the people who once shared front pages with the leader but who were eventually cast aside. (14ymedio)
During the tour made by 14ymedio, one of the visitors asked the guide if there was a cafeteria or space in which to buy something to drink or eat, as is usual in other museums. “For that we anticipated that there would be cafes around the Center. Most are private, have the capacity to serve many people at the same time and offer a good service,” explained the employee.
“Even if it’s water and coffee, they should sell it here, because the journey is long,” insisted another member of the group. “We plan to offer that service later, but nothing more, we do not want this full of people lining up to buy chocolates or bread with ham. Whoever comes needs to do it because they really want to know the life and work of our leader,” replied the guide.
The management of the Center seemed, in that gesture, to have decided to expel the merchants from the temple. But it won’t be like that at all. A 3D printer in the house will make miniature replicas of the Plaza de la Revolución and busts of heroes from the Independence struggles that can be purchased by visitors in the future store in which, however, and complying with the will of the former president, busts of the man who gives the temple its name cannot be bought.
COLLABORATE WITH OUR WORK: The 14ymedio team is committed to practicing serious journalism that reflects Cuba’s reality in all its depth. Thank you for joining us on this long journey. We invite you to continue supporting us by becoming a member of 14ymedio now. Together we can continue transforming journalism in Cuba.

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Jabalina de plata para cubana Ballar en cita multideportiva en Cali

La Habana, 3 dic (ACN) La cubana Yiselena Ballar se agenció hoy la medalla de plata en la final del lanzamiento de la jabalina, correspondiente al atletismo de los I Juegos Panamericanos Júnior con sede en Cali, Colombia, hasta el 5 de diciembre.

Ballar, medallista de bronce en el Campeonato Mundial juvenil de Nairobi, Kenia, en agosto último, logró registro de 57.14 metros (m) para quedar segunda en el podio, solo por detrás de la ecuatoriana Juleisy Angulo (58.26 m).

En esa modalidad alcanzó la presea de bronce la anfitriona Valentina María Barrios (51.46 m), según el sitio oficial de la competencia.

También en el Estadio Pascual Guerrero, en horas de la tarde tendrán acción otras atletas de Cuba, entre ellas la triplista Leyanis Pérez, una de las serias aspirantes al título en la jornada, además de Layselis Rosa Jiménez, en la impulsión de la bala.

Hasta el momento, esta nación caribeña acumula en el atletismo seis metales áureos, cinco de plata y dos de bronce.

Este jueves subieron a lo más alto del podio de premiaciones Greisys Roble, en los 110 m con vallas, Yoao Puentes, en los 400 m con vallas y Marys Adela Patterson, del heptatlón.

Asimismo Leonardo Castillo y Ariliannis Colas se llevaron los premios de plata en los 400 m planos y los 400 m con vallas, respectivamente, al igual que Ronald Anthony Mencía en el lanzamiento del martillo, mientras la vallista corta Keily Pérez mereció el bronce.

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Encontraron en Cuba cuerpo sin vida de joven desaparecido

Las autoridades iniciaron la búsqueda una semana atrás en la zona por donde se estima que Díaz ingresó al mar para realizar su habitual entrenamiento de apnea, según informó el periódico local Girón de la demarcación.

El joven fue visto por última vez en un lugar próximo a la salida del canal de Paso Malo, en la península de Hicacos, Matanzas.

Díaz, de 22 años de edad, solía realizar este tipo de ejercicio en esa franja de agua no muy lejos de la orilla.

El teniente coronel William González Hernández, jefe de la Defensa Civil de la Región Militar Matanzas, había confirmado a los medios locales que en las labores de búsqueda no se escatimaron esfuerzos ni recursos.

En la pesquisa submarina participaron el Grupo de Rescate y Salvamento del Cuerpo de Bomberos, la Defensa Civil, buzos de rescate de la Marina Marlin y fuerzas de la Cruz Roja.

También estuvieron presentes especialistas de Medicina Legal, y del Ministerio de Ciencia, Tecnología y Medio Ambiente para identificar los movimientos de las corrientes y la marea.

En declaraciones al periódico Granma, Yuri Díaz Montenegro, su padre, argumentó la posibilidad de que el joven permaneciera demasiado tiempo bajo el mar durante el entrenamiento.

«Quizás se confió demasiado y estuvo mucho tiempo en el agua con los contrapesos, sin percatarse del cambio de tiempo unas horas más tarde», comentó el progenitor del fallecido.

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Vale o No vale: Calidad de los servicios, comercio electrónico y los gobiernos locales

Cubadebate continúa con su sección Vale-No Vale para reconocer, una vez más gracias a los comentarios y correos de los lectores, todo aquello que vale porque mejora nuestras vidas, desarrolla el país o nos hace mejores ciudadanos, y señalar también todo lo que No Vale y merece ser cambiado.Frecuentemente haremos este recuento de experiencias, que puede ser ampliado con sus comentarios en esta entrada o sus envíos a nuestro correo: cubadebate@cubadebate.cu
Vale: Que arreglen los salideros en las calles
No vale: Que dejen los huecos abiertos en las calles y aceras
Vale: Que se le brinde buenos servicios a los clientes en las tiendas
No vale: Que en el nuevo establecimiento de ETECSA de Obispo donde venden teléfonos y en las tiendas que son en MLC, no te den ni una jaba para llevar la compra
 Ileana Menéndez Morales dijo:
Vale: Que se busque una solución realmente eficiente para poder comprar en las tiendas online de TuEnvio.
No vale: Nunca fácil comprar, pero desde hace 3 o 4 meses (sin exagerar) es prácticamente imposible. Esto valdría la pena resolverlo
Peter dijo:
Vale: Que un presidente de un país este constantemente diciendo como hacer bien las cosas.
No vale: Que los que tienen que ejecutar y exigir no lo estén haciendo eficientemente en los gobiernos locales y municipales no lo cumplan.

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